About Us



My Name is Wendy here at Dusty Bottom Hats. Our hats came about like most grandparents when their first grandchild was born. You had to give them something personal and preferable made from your own hands, was a long standing tradition in our family.

To this end the bucket hat was our choice as it was practicable and offered the protection from our harsh summer sun here in Australia. The rest is history as our children's friends started asking for our hats as well because they were soft, easy care and easily packaged to take everywhere & the kids loved the variety of prints.

Dusty Bottoms Hats became a much loved item and we started to sell them at our local & regional markets. Now with online marketing being such a way of shopping these days it was a nice way to share our product with more people, both here in Australia and to their friends around the world.

Our production is only small which is the way we like, as it still has that personal feel and attention to creating something special. We hope that you will like our hats as much as we love making them.