How to Measure your Hat Size – DustyBottomHats

How to Measure your Hat Size

  • Have your child in a position that is easy for you to measure.
  • Place a soft tailors tape comfortable around their head just above the ears and centre of the forehead. 
  • Allow a snug fit that you feel will be suitable for your child. Taking into account of growth spurts in the early years.
  • Our Approx. Sizing range from   
       Babies Hats |39cm |1M - 4M.   XXS |44cm | 4M - 6M.   XS |50cm | 6M - 1 Years.     S | 52cm | 1-4 Years.    M | 54 cm | 4-6 Years.     L | 56 cm | 6-10 Years